Npower Transition 2021 For Beneficiaries : How to Register And Participate

Npower Transition 2021 For Beneficiaries | Registration Guide and How to Participate

Npower Transition 2021 – This article will guide you on how to apply for the Npower Transiotion Survey portal ( and every other information you have interest in finding out regarding the Npower 2021 transition programme for beneficiaries.

Npower Transtition Recruitment application guide and requirements for all participating candidates

With the information we have gathered recently regarding this, we have been informed that the Npower may have been activated on the Npvn Portal for application.

At the moment, not everyone can access this page though but we believe this will be sorted out soo and it will be made available to all who wish to apply for the Npower-Transition.

Registration Process For The Npower transition Survey

Please follow the steps outlined in this article carefully to login to the Npower Transition Survey Portal.

  • After you have been logged in to the NPVN Dashboard or “member access area”, you will open to six positions under the N-transition and you are allowed to choose and apply for only one of them.

They are listed out below:

  1. Become a SANEF Agent: With 50,000 Naira you can begin your journey in Entrepreneurship as a SANEF
  2. Start a Business with a GEEP Loan: 100,000 Naira loan to enable you begin a business in your community
  3. Become a Teacher: Teach as a School teacher in your community.
  4. Start a Farm/Expand your Farm: Begin farming and start feeding the nation.
  5. Become a Field/Data Agent: Work as an Agent for a Bank, Research Agency or Consumer Goods company.
  6. Become a Community Policeman: Join the Police force to secure and protect your community.

Please do ensure to apply to the one with working conditions that you are okay and will be conversant with. Selecting a job position that you will not be able to function properly will be detrimental to your mental and physical health in the long run.

Making the right decision is only yours to make that’s why you are presented with all those info. Choose which best fits you and apply.

Npower Transition Latest News

We will ensure that we relay any information regarding the Npower Transition programme from the Federal Government and The Npower HR body to you as soon as we lay our hands on such info.

Be sure to keep on checking here for any updates on this and we assure you will not be left uninformed.

Npower SANEF Transition

What is the Sanef transition?

As we all know, the  Npower is all out to help individuals earn a living and make income as much as they can. This SANEF programme is very unique and quite different from the rest of the NPower programmes.

You will be given 50, 000 Naira to start a small scale business and run it up for yourself. This sounds great and can help so many entrepreneurs out there.

If you want to be an Npower beneficiary and wanna benefit from the Npower SANEF transition, follow the steps and apply at their portal.